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Do Positive

Only the top 3% of individuals achieve success using today’s principles and personal development tools. Experience significant, immediate changes through a genuine understanding and awareness of how you think. This is not a program – far from it. Discover why we feel uncomfortable when trying new things and how to build new, broader comfort zones. Understand habits and how to change them. Have an ah-ha moment about goal setting. Free yourself from the cycles that stop you from achieving the life you’ve always imagined.

Maintaining Greatness

You were born great and somehow have lost sight of it. Would you like to have it back? What about living a life if service which leads to Greatness? Doing this is the act of reclaiming your birthright and rightfully positioned in the place of blessing. This book will outline and highlight the required change and positive checklist for you return. If you understand and apply what lies in the pages of this book you will forever learn and be reminded daily of the importance of Maintaining Greatness and the power, freedom, and peace in being what you were born to be.

Your 2nd Half

No athlete should ever transition out of sports unsuccessfully. Although sometimes unrecognized, the success strategies and principles learned and utilized during an athlete’s career are both beneficial and crucial to success in the second half of life.

Your 2nd Half – The Answer After Sports provides the needed skills to make the necessary shift from “play by instinct” to “executing in intelligence.” You’ll be given the 5 Indispensable Keys to seamlessly make the transition from your sports career to your amazing second half.


“He is an impacting speaker and versatile in his delivery. All audiences, especially corporate, are forever changed!”

Jon Gordon

Best Selling Author

“Grayson has mentored me for a number of years and truly helped me grow and expand my thinking . He is worth so much more than I paid him.”

Dr. Kim Bynum

President Bynum Consulting

“Financial setbacks have cost me a lot… After I met Grayson and he shared some things with me, I said to myself “I wish I would have met you 20 years ago!”

Mark Brunell

Former Pro. Quarterback & Super Bowl Champion